Short Term Vacation Rentals

Considering Short Term Vacation Rental Ownership?

Our team has spent extensive time educating ourselves on the current Short Term Vacation Rental ordinances in our area. Current ordinances and moratorium in several municipalities can make it confusing for those interested in investing in property. Continue below for some quick links for information about zoning and the certification process or click here to contact one our our agents.


Chickamauga Short Term Vacation Ordinance



The business of short term vacation rentals in the Chattanooga area has recently become of interest to many investors. After producing more than $6 million in 2017, potential investors have spent the last few years searching for rental properties and answers to many questions.  AIRDNA predicted that Chattanooga would be one of the top 10 areas to see a spike in income in 2022.

Our team has extensive experience not only as real estate agents assisting with the purchase and sale of properties, but also as owners of short term vacation properties ourselves. Lead commercial agent and team co-owner Lisa Brown served as one of the representatives who worked with the City of Chattanooga’s guideline development committee for the Short Term Vacation Rental Ordinance.