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Winter In Chattanooga

Winter is almost here in Chattanooga and while it has been unseasonably warm, it is starting to look and feel a little more like more like winter . The winters in Chattanooga are pretty predictable. Typical to most of the south, we get our share of ice, usually in the form of freezing rain. While this is a nuisance to our electrical wires and a danger to our roads, thanks in part to the lack of salt trucks, it is usually gone within a few hours. Winter in the south, and Chattanooga especially is wonderful, and here’s why.

2010 snow that lasted 24 hours

Today, we have one of those days when the sleet is making roads tricky and school is canceled. However, tomorrow, the temperatures will be in the mid 40’s and by next week, in the low 50s. Chattanooga gets just enough “winter” to count as a season, but rarely enough to make us hate it. Instead, we truly are fortunate to have such a mild winter which offers cool enough temperatures to make exercising and enjoying the outdoors truly a great experience.

Typical late winter day in Chattanooga

The normal winter makes Chattanooga a great place to play outside. Trails are generally clear, although some can be a little soggy. The vegetation dies back enough that views from Lookout, Signal and Mowbray Mountains are gorgeous. The sandstone boulders and walls on Mowbray Mountain are a huge winter draw due in part to the ease of access and their southern exposure. Climbers come from all over to climb in Chattanooga in the winter months, staying at the local hostel, The Crash Pad, owned by local climbers.


Hiking and trail running in Chattanooga and Georgia (Lookout Mountain is located in both Tennessee and Georgia) is spectacular in the winter as trails are clear and there is little precipitation. Organized races such as the Lookout Mountain 50 miler take full advantage of this race, while trail runners of all abilities spend their winter training for spring and summer races.

Winter view from Lookout Mountain Trail


Mountain biking in the winter is wonderful as well because you don’t get over heated, the trails are clear, offering jumps that would not be possible in the spring and summer. Racoon Mountain, just 10 minutes from downtown, is often the go to spot for mountain biking all winter long.


Cabin fever is never an issue in Chattanooga. Between the natural offerings and created bike paths, the winter weather is the kind you want to be outdoors in. Even in the rare snow, you will see people out enjoying sledding. After all, the snow usually lasts just a few hours.

If you are considering a move because you loathe winter, we suggest you check out Chattanooga. If you would like to learn more about living in Chattanooga year round, we could love to talk to you. Contact us at 423-664-1900.

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