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Why You Should Tour Homes in the Rain

We have not had much rain in the Chattanooga area lately. A record drought has many of us wishing for rain. And today it finally is raining! And while no one really wants to get out in the rain, there are a few really great reasons to go look at houses in the rain. In fact, serious home buyers should consider scheduling home tours during a rainy day. Here’s the answer to why schedule home tours on a rainy day.

Ever wonder where flood zones are and if your potential new home is in one? Looking at homes that you are serious about during a rain storm could give you a lot of insight into not only the lot the home is on, but also the neighborhood. Does the adorable creek that runs through the neighborhood rise drastically during a normal rainy day? Is there standing water on the property? Is it safe to drive (curvy roads can be very slick when wet). These are all questions that can be answered only in the rain.

Are the gutters overflowing? Gutters look, well…like gutters on a sunny, dry day. Rain can highlight clogged gutters, improperly installed gutters and even rot that might be expensive to fix. And while this might have been found during an inspection, the time wasted if you decide against the home could mean another property is gone as well.

Water intrusion is a bad thing. Recently, we had a friend who noticed that her basement had water in it after a recent rain storm. She ended up having an expensive sump pump installed. Had she seen this before she bought the home, she may have had the seller pay for the installation. saving herself quite a bit of money. Seeing a home when it is raining affords you to see potential problems in crawl spaces, basements, windows (broken seals) and even ceilings (roof leaks). Leaks are a homeowners worst nightmare.

While it may not seem a fun thing to do on a rainy day, scheduling your home showings on a such a day may be a home buyer’s best decision. Email or text us today to schedule your home tour for the next rainy day!

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