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    Urban Living With Families

    There is a trend in cities in America that is quickly gaining speed. Millennials and those of us who are Generation X’rs who waited to have children, are hesitating to give up our convenient and pedestrian lifestyles (read walking not boring!). What this translates into is many people are choosing to stay in their urban dwellings rather than move to the suburbs. The trend for families with young or even school age, children to live or move to more urban areas is on the rise and Chattanooga is seeing this trend as well.

    Why move to the suburbs with their beautiful lawns, sidewalks and quiet streets? Sounds pretty enticing to many people. However there is a growing trend for families to choose to avoid the suburbs and live in the heart of their city. There are quite a few motivations behind this trend. For instance, a shorter commute to work might add to family time. Living near museums, parks and other cultural offerings might be more enticing than a home in a neighborhood with sidewalks and places to ride a bike. There is a growing sentimentality about buying “less and better” which leads to the desire for a smaller home, fewer possessions (including a second car) and more life experiences. Being near public transportation is a good trade off for a smaller home when you can just “go” at the drop of a hat to the library, park where live music is playing or to a sporting event.

    Chattanooga offers many opportunities for this kind of lifestyle for people without families. And those of us with children or teens have many options as well. The town homes and condos that seemingly sprouted up overnight on the North Shore and Southside follow the “smaller homes with more convenience” trend. Living in the thick of the action, with views of the icons of downtown Chattanooga from a deck or balcony is easily found at all price ranges from $299,00 to $2 million! Museum Bluffs is located in the heart downtown on the Tennessee River and is convenient to all the activities, events, restaurants, museums and parks along both side of the river. The condos range from single story two and three bedrooms to three floor condos with wide balconies to take in all the lights and scenery that is downtown.

    However, for those who might want the quiet streets and neighborhood feel of the suburbs, along with the convenience of being in the heart of the action, there are options as well. The town homes of Heritage Landing on the North Shore offer the amenities of a condo with everything taken care of including home repair, gardening and lawn care, street maintenance and two pools. These semi detached homes located just a short walk to restaurants, the free electric shuttle to downtown and the Southside, Chattanooga Bike and more are larger and more typical of a suburban neighborhood complete with garages and sidewalks.

    Whether you are a millennial looking to continue your downtown living or are a Generation X’er with smaller children or teens, you can live the urban lifestyle on your terms in Chattanooga. We are ready to help you find the perfect condo or town home. Contact us today!

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