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    The Cross Roads of Southern Football

    Fall means football in the south. Everyone who is southern has this ingrained in their heads from toddler hood on. Brides know not to even think about a fall wedding, lest the entire wedding party and guests be gathered around the television in the bar. Babies are taught cheers as soon as they start talking and teenagers start looking at colleges based on their football schedules. This is serious stuff folks. College football in the south is king and in Chattanooga, we love to honor our king.

    Chattanooga has a very diverse fan base. Being at the cross roads of Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, fans from all three states reside here. You might see a street lined with SEC football flags representing Auburn, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee all in a row. And don’t forget our hometown university, The Mocs of the University of Tennessee Chattanooga or UTC. The occasional LSU or Georgia Tech fans sneak in as well, although they are not a prominent a showing.

    Weekends from the first Saturday in September on into the last week of January is spent cheering for and talking about one’s favorite team. Sports bars such as T.Mac, Clydes on Main and Buffalo Wild Wings all are packed on a Saturday, from open to close, with fans gathering to share in the camaraderie that is cheering on their favorite college team. Spotting said fans and knowing their affiliations is as easy as knowing your team colors as orange, crimson and red, along with a little orange and blue for the random Florida gator fan thrown in for good measure crowd the venues.

    Game day weekends are planned months in advance. In Chattanooga, tailgate parties line the parking lots at Finley Stadium for all UTC home games and yellow and blue flags, banners and clothing can be spotted all over town. Those heading the short drives (2-4 hours) to the hallowed grounds of Neyland, Bryant-Denny, Jordan-Hare or Sanford Stadium must plan a little longer. Hotels are usually booked a year in advance and tailgating starts as early as 7 am for a 7pm game.


    Life is grand in the south as friendly rivalries are carried on all year long, culminating with the unified cheering for whichever SEC team is playing in the national championship game (there ALWAYS is and SEC team in the national championship game). This is a trait found only in the south, as all other parts of the country scratch their heads.

    Chattanooga Property Shop LOVES football. You will find us on any Saturday in the fall either watching or listening to our favorite teams (and yes, our rivalries are friendly!). If you love football, we are the agents for you.

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