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Spring Staging Ideas to Earn More Money

Spring will be here before we know it (22 days according to the calendar), but if last’s week’s weather is any indication, spring could be here in a matter of days. Traditionally, spring is season of selling and getting your home ready for market before you list it (March is the optimal time to list) can make sure you get top dollar for your home. Overwhelmed by what to do to get ready? Here are some spring staging tips.


Spring Clean

We all know the term “spring clean”, but what does it really mean? Spring clean means getting down and dirty, both inside and outside your home, refreshing and purging from the nesting season of winter. Washing window, deep cleaning cabinetry and drawers, moving furniture and really going after those dust bunnies are a great start. Cleaning your home and purging items that have accumulated during the winter months (newspapers and kindling, boots, shoes and coats in  your mud room, etc) can not only freshen up your spaces, but clear the clutter to make your home appear larger and bigger.  Outdoors, hit the mildew spots on  homes and decks, window frames and screens with a good scrubbing. Removing dead plants and limbs from landscaping will not only clear the visual clutter, but will allow for even better new growth.  There are so many websites that offers step by step check lists to help.

Spring Cleaning 101: Deep Clean Your Home With This Room-By-Room Guide
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You do not have to redecorate your entire home in order to get it “showing ready”, however a few key items can be placed around to make your home feel like spring. Just like rich, warm fabrics can make a home feel cozy in the winter, lighter weight, spring colors can make a home feel open and airy. Replace your pillows and throws, add a few small accent  plants will go a long way. Trade out heavy curtains for lighter colors or sheers. The key is less, however. Adding just enough to make it feel springy and clean,  not over the top. Rethink the bunnies and  jungle plants and keep your touches light.



There is something to be said for a soothing color coordinated room. As agents, we can tell when a home is going to be a hit on internet views by how de-cluttered and organized it is. When a home has rooms where everything is in it’s place, it not only makes it pleasing to the eye, it creates the added benefit of  ease for sellers  with last minute showings. Coordinated baskets that corral the clutter of magazines, electronics and the paper that seems to pile up everywhere can make a room feel pulled together.  A closet that is sorted by clothing item and color  with shoes neatly organized can seem spacious. Book shelves, cabinets, drawers and pantries that have been cleared of extraneous items and neatly organized will not only make your home feel lighter and brighter, but can do wonders for how they will appear to potential buyers.



Basket Organization
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Spring to me means airy and light. Daylight is lasting longer and we want more of it in our homes. Making spaces feel more open by rearranging chairs and rugs to better accommodate the flow of traffic and the intake of light can  be beneficial. I have heard the term “cozy minimalist” numerous times, but the blogger known as The Nester, hits the nail on the head.  Moving items out of the flow of traffic, such as extra dining chairs, tables and knickknacks can make you feel like spring has sprung and keep your home feeling cozy.


The keys to selling a home are location, price and condition. When all three line up correctly, buyers will line up. Spring is the optimal selling season and having your home ready for the spring selling season can make it an easy transition. Want to know more about selling your home? Schedule your free home valuation with our listing specialist  today.  Or enter your address for a free market snapshot.  We are here to help.







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