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    Americans Are Gaining Confidence in the Economy

    By Meghan Massey | October 26, 2020

    The September Jobs Report issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the unemployment rate dropped to 7.9%. Though that percentage is well below what experts projected earlier this year, it still means millions of people are without work. There’s no way to minimize the tremendous impact this pandemic-induced recession continues to have on... Read More

    Is 2020 The Year To Buy The (Early) Retirement Home?

    By Chattanooga Property Shop | October 13, 2020

    Every day in the U.S., roughly 10,000 people turn 65. Prior to the health crisis that swept the nation in 2020, most people had to wait until they retired to make a move to the beach, the golf course, or the senior living community they were looking to settle into for their later years in life.... Read More

    Chattanooga Property Shop 2020 September Market Report

    By Chattanooga Property Shop | October 10, 2020

      For more information about the current real estate market, reach out to us at Read More

    Chattanooga and North Georgia Fall Guide 2020

    By Chattanooga Property Shop | October 9, 2020

    Fall this year may be a little different than what we are used to, with fall festivals and outdoor concerts canceled. However, that does not mean we don’t have options for fun. With many people discovering the great joy of camping, fishing and cycling this past spring, fall is a great time to further explore... Read More

    Chattanooga Property Shop 2020 August Market Report

    By Chattanooga Property Shop | September 23, 2020

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    It’s Not Just About the Price of the Home

    By Meghan Massey | September 7, 2020

    When most of us begin searching for a home, we naturally start by looking at the price. It’s important, however, to closely consider what else impacts the purchase. It’s not just the price of the house that matters, but the overall cost in the long run. Today, that’s largely impacted by low mortgage rates. Low... Read More

    Homebuyer Demand Is Far Above Last Year’s Pace

    By Meghan Massey | September 3, 2020

    Homebuying has been on the rise over the past few months, with record-breaking sales powering through the market in June and July. Buyers are actively purchasing homes, and the momentum is continuing into the fall. It is, however, becoming harder for buyers to find homes to purchase. If you’ve been thinking about selling your house,... Read More

    Current Buyer & Seller Perks in the Housing Market

    By Meghan Massey | August 19, 2020

    Today’s housing market is making a truly impressive turnaround, and it’s also setting up some outstanding opportunities for buyers and sellers. Whether you’re thinking of buying or selling a home this year, there are perks today that are rarely available, and definitely worth looking into. Here are the top two. The Biggest Perk for Buyers:... Read More

    Chattanooga Property Shop 2020 July Market Report

    By Chattanooga Property Shop | August 14, 2020

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    Homeowners Have Great Selling Power in Today’s Market

    By Chattanooga Property Shop | August 7, 2020

      We are  sitting in an optimal moment in time for homeowners who are ready to sell their houses and make a move this year. Today’s homeowners are, on average, staying in their homes longer than they used to, and this is one factor driving increased homeowner equity. When equity grows, selling a house becomes increasingly desirable.... Read More