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November Home Checklist

November is the time of year to get things serviced for the winter months. Water heaters, furnaces and flues have a way of “acting up” during the winter. Here is a handy checklist to help you “winterize” your home and outdoor living space. Happy Fall, Y’all!


Chattanooga Property Shop Fall Cleaning Checklist 




Main Living Areas

Vacuum drapes and window treatments, upholstered furniture

Have rugs and carpet professionally cleaned

Wash interior windows

Stock up on air exchange filters

Vacuum all air registers

Straighten and organize linen closet

Text carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

Schedule furnace checkup and replace filters

Sweep the fireplace (if wood burning) and schedule to have flue checked and repaired if necessary

Drain sediment from water heater

Replace dryer exhaust  tube and clean vent


Clear out kitchen drawers, pantry and cabinets, purging unwanted and expired items. Wipe down both interior and exterior with hot soapy water.

Vacuum refrigerator condenser coils

Wash light fixture globes and wipe down light switches


Remove all bedding and wash, switching to cozy winter bedding

Vacuum mattress and turn for even wear

Clean out closet, send all spring summer clothing to dry cleaners and store, donate worn items.



Check weather stripping on doors and windows

Clean exterior windows

Clean and store patio furniture

Drain and store garden hose

Install faucet insulation covers on all outdoor faucets

Clean gutters

Buy salt or ice melt for walks

Winterize garden by cutting back all annuals and pruning perennials

Clean and store all garden tools

Clean and organize garage, purging unneeded items and making room for your car




We hope this checklist helps get your home in tip top shape for the winter months.




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