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Kitchen Trends to Consider

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Everyone who has ever lived in a home knows this. Invite people over and everyone ends up in the kitchen. Most people also know that the greatest return on investment in home improvements is kitchen updates. Builders have started taking note and kitchens in new construction reflect the current attitudes regarding kitchens. If you are considering updating your kitchen, here are a few trends for 2015.

Smart Kitchens

Smart everything is the future. The Jetsons could turn everything on in their home with just their voice and we have wished for that future ever since. From refrigerators that feature wifi and allow you to access apps to keep track of groceries, play music or search the web, all the way to ovens that can be turned on from your smart phone, the future is here. Kitchens will continue to get smarter as technology allows.

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Foodie in the House

From local to organic to craft, foodies know the lingo. Builders are taking note in new construction and so should you. From canning storage for home gardeners to marble top islands for bakers, thought is going into how people who live in their kitchens actually use their kitchens. Extra storage, larger pantries, room to brew beer, extra sinks, pot fillers and gas ranges are just the start. A friend recently had three sinks installed in her kitchen for prepping meals since she, her husband and two children all like to cook together. Everyone has a spot to work together. A home we have listed has a built in coffee system in the butlers pantry and in the kitchen an, in counter hot water boiler/ steamer that turns on with the push of a button. These are things to consider when renovating. What are you interested in?

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Open Kitchens

Long ago, we wanted the kitchen to be away from the rest of the house. Kitchens were hot and cooking was considered a chore. Those days are no more. Many home renovations involve removing walls to make the kitchen open to the den or family room. Many new homes offer open floor plans with the kitchen, dining and living rooms all being one room. People entertain and everyone ends up in the kitchen anyway. Why not make the kitchen part of the living space where everyone can watch television, do homework and cook.

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Kitchens should reflect current lifestyles. We live in a tech driven world, are interested in food trends and live in our kitchens. Renovations and new construction should reflect daily life. Considering renovating or updating your kitchen, consider meeting with our in house designer, Tiffany Anich of Southerly Abode.

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