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Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Yes it is going to be 70 this weekend. But remember, this time last year the temperatures were in the 60s and then mid January hit and we could not feel our toes for months! Winter is on it’s way. Prepping for the holidays can take over your thoughts, but it is wise to remember to prepare your home for the winter as well. A few organization and provisions can also save you time and money in the long run. Here are our tips that should be on your winter home check list.

Get Your Pantry Ready

We think of holiday entertaining as the only prepping we need to do for winter. But the truth is, as we know in Chattanooga, ice can be brutal on power lines and roads. Having a pantry ready with food and water (in case of pipes freezing) can be a saving grace when you cannot leave your home or have a power outage. My family keeps a stash of soup, muffin mixes and of course hot chocolate for those freezing days when we have to wait for the salt trucks to clear the roads And wine for those cold evenings.. Keeping a good supply of necessities can save you a trip to the store when it is icy or just freezing!

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Prepare for Power Outage

Power outage are more and more common in Tennessee. And while we love our EPB linemen and their dedication to getting the power back on, it can be really hard when you are the one waiting. At the very least, stock flashlights, batteries, lanterns, candle and matches in a place you can easily find. Purchasing a generator could be one of the best purchases you make when your home is heated or your food is not spoiled. There are many price ranges and abilities available to suit your needs. Keep everything where you can find it easily…in the dark. We have flashlights in just about every room in our house and with winter coming, a fresh supply of batteries.

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Prep Your Faucets

We forget the outdoor faucet, a classic case of out of sight/out of mind. This can be a costly mistake. Disconnecting the hose , shutting off the water supply to your outdoor faucets, and insulating them can save hundreds of dollar Here is a brief and easy tutorial for how to shut off your outdoor water supply. Two years ago, I can home to water running down the street…from my house. Our outdoor faucet had frozen and burst, flooding our yard and part of our basement. That was a very expensive lesson to learn.

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Corral Your Winter Gear

If you have kids, you know this is really a Sisyphus endeavor. Dirty boots, coats, wet gloves and hats all create a mess just inside your backdoor. If you have a mud room, set up a spot to catch all the wet gear that is easy for little ones to maneuver. I like a drying rack for hats and gloves. If you don’t have a mud room, a boot tray on the floor, a bench for sitting on, wall hooks for coats and a basket for hats and mittens in a spot that makes it easy to drop and go could save your sanity. Consider a few inexpensive throw rugs to corral the wet that you can throw in the washer when they dirty.

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Check for Drafts

EPB offers a free home energy audit which helps narrow down where your home is leaking energy. Not only will you see where you need to beef up your home efficiency, but you may also qualify for a rebate for completing the work. Weather stripping doors and window, insulation and plugging holes in foundation and siding can not only make your home warmer without turning up the heat, but can also save you a ton of money. You will be amazed when you see how a little updating can make a huge difference. I had this done a few years ago and realized that the leaks in my house totaled up to a door being left open all winter! A few inexpensive fixes and we saw a major difference on our heating bill.

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Prepare for {Ice} Storms

The south is know for two things in winter, mild climate and ice storms. We get lulled into flip flops and fleece and them BAM!, it is freezing and we have no power. There are a few things you can do to give yourself the best chance of survival. Cleaning gutters of all leaves allows them to drain properly, preventing them from freezing and falling off your roof. Trimming all limbs that hang low or over power lines can save your roof, car and potentially the power lines. This is a task that is best left to professionals. Calling a tree service in the fall can save you grief in the winter. My husband is religious about getting the leaves off our roof this time of year before we get the big freezes coming in the next few weeks.


Winter will be here before we know it. Life is crazy getting ready for the holidays, but a little winter home checklist can save you hundreds of dollars and hours of misery.

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