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Fall Home Staging

Fall can be a great time to list your home. The market typically slows down in the fall and potential home buyers who are looking are really in the market for a new home, not just looking to see what it out there. Fall home staging give the opportunity to showcase your home with a little extra punch. Decor should be conservative and reflect a warm and cozy home, not a scary over the top experience. Here are few tips for fall home www.

Curb Appeal and Yard Appearance

Everyone knows leaves are falling the in the fall. That does not mean your drive, yard, deck, walk and roof should be covered with them. Keep on top of fall leave collection by scheduling weekly yard maintenance. Dead head your fall flowers and shrubs, clear your flower beds of all weeds and make your yard tidy. If you cannot keep up with maintenance, this may be the time to hire someone to assist. After all, it is worth the extra cost if your home sells quickly.

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fall home staging
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Everything in Moderation…

We love pumpkins, ghosts and turkeys as much as the next person. However it is important to keep in mind, accent not overwhelm. A few pumpkins and mums at your front door, a small centerpiece, or a mantle display are all fine. Decorating every surface in and outside your home is not. Remember that potential buyers are looking at your home, not your decor. You don’t want to put on the best Halloween display and scare away the sale of your house (along with those pesky neighbor kids).

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Create Cozy


As the days get chilly, we all want to be in a cozy home. Once you’ve drawn potential buyers in, make them realize how comfortable they’d be during fall–and year-round. Highlight the coziness of your home. Stack firewood in the fireplace so it’s “ready to go,” at least in your buyers’ minds. Add some comfy touches like laying out your favorite blanket (e.g. drape lush afghans over the side of the couch). Put out a few decorative candles, but don’t light them. Remember, some potential buyers might have allergies or dislike certain smells. Update your bedding to reflect the season and to make your bedrooms look polished and fresh. We all love our old, tattered comfy bedding, but it can make your rooms seem dated.

Fall home staging
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fall home staging
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Shed A Little Light

There is nothing worse than walking into a dimly lit home to make a bad first impression. The light in Autumn is muted which is many cases is a good thing. However, make sure potential clients can see your home.Make sure you have bright, warm light bulbs in all of your lamps and fixtures. Lamps are great at creating that cozy effect, better than overhead lights. Turn on lamps in all of your rooms to create warmth. If you have a room that gets strong afternoon sun or has a great angle at sunset, make sure the shades are wide open at the right time.

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Fall can be an interesting time to have your home on the market. Take advantage of the season and make your home look and smell as homey and warm as possible. Fall home staging is key to the success of your home sale.

We have plenty of experience staging and selling homes in the fall. Contact us today at for your free home listing appointment. Our team offers a professional staging consultation with the design team from Southerly Abode.

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