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Fall Home Checklist

Fall is technically here in Chattanooga, although the thermometer says it is still summer. However,  with October on the horizon and cooler weather coming, it is a good time to prepare for the season.  Fall weather is predicted to come in late October and the leaves will be in full glory the last two weeks of the month. In the meantime, you can prep your home for the fall by doing a few simple things. If you are listing your home for sale, these can add value to your home by adding curb appeal, making your repair requests minimal and by making your home safer.


Clean your gutters. Most people loathe cleaning gutters. Being on a ladder can be a little scary, after all. However, we  can save a lot of money by avoiding repairs caused by overflowing gutters. Water in basements, water damage to roofs and siding, and damage to the gutters themselves are all reasons you should clean your gutters. Cleaning them now and then when the leaves are all down makes the job a lot easier. The ladder can’t be avoided, but the costly repairs can.

Patch sidewalk cracks. It is inevitable in a climate such as ours, where we have a lot of moisture year round, sidewalks crack. Maintaining your sidewalks and repairing them as soon as a crack occurs can not only extend the life of your sidewalk, but can also keep your home looking good. The added benefit of safety goes without saying. If a crack is not fixed, water can get under the sidewalk, freeze, expand and cause further damage. You can often repair a crack yourself, however hiring a professional is often not expensive and can save you a lot of headache in the long run.

Fix that leaky faucet.  A leaky faucet can not only cost you money on your waterbill, but can lead to a very expensive situation if you have a deep freeze. Chattanooga has had several deep freezes in the past few years and with the weather being as crazy as it has been, it is a good idea to maintain your exterior faucets in preparation for the winter months.

Inspect your yard. One of the nice things about fall in the south is things keep growing for a long time. We have beautiful foliage into December and January, thanks to our moderate Chattanooga climate. We keep our lawns and gardens going for an extended time. However, the time finally comes to clear it up and clear it out. When that time arrives, checking the limbs of trees for weaknesses, clearing out flower beds, covering raised bed gardens,  mowing and edging for the last time and clearing away all debris should be part of the fall routine.  Weak branches can fall on power lines or roofs, especially during our notorious ice storms. Foliage returns better than ever when beds are cleared out and mulched.  A little maintenance can make your  home look neat and tidy.

Clean the garage. Garages tend to be dumping grounds for all of our summer adventures. From water noodles to skateboards and gardening tools, we tend to drop and go in the summer. Clean up your garage by organizing everything  by item and use, keeping things you most often within reach. Many home stores and organization stores have great sales in the fall to get ready for the holiday season.


All of these chores are also helpful when putting your home on the market or sprucing up the home that has been sale for awhile. Need more tips on getting your home ready to sell? Give us a call or email us at We are here to help.






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