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Complimentary Relocation Package

Relocating or moving to a new town can be a little intimidating. If your move is one that is somewhat rushed, you might not have time to get the lay of the land. Even if you have time to scope out a new city before a move, it can still be overwhelming.

Having a friend who can clue you in on what is going on in can be ultimately priceless. Someone who can give you the heads up about which grocery store has the best produce, which area of town is near the best pre-schools, neighborhood has the best Halloween parties, what are the can’t miss events in town and which are to be avoided, is really something to be valued.

We are those friends. We have lived in Chattanooga and Ringgold nearly all our lives. Each member of our team offers a unique and different take on the area. We know restaurants, pediatricians, hiking trails and where to go to buy the best wedding gifts in Chattanooga. Before you relocate to the area blindly, let us send you our relocation package which offers the insider view of Chattanooga.

To receive our free relocation package, simply drop us an email . We look forward to hearing from you!

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