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Monthly Archives: August 2017

    We Offer Staging and Design Consultation

    By Robin Crump | August 31, 2017

    Now is the time to get your home on the market if you want to sell your home. The market is moving and most homes, when priced correctly, are not staying on the market long. Once the decision is made to sell your home is made, however there are a few tasks you need to... Read More

    Get Your Home Ready for Winter

    By Robin Crump | August 31, 2017

    Yes it is going to be 70 this weekend. But remember, this time last year the temperatures were in the 60s and then mid January hit and we could not feel our toes for months! Winter is on it’s way. Prepping for the holidays can take over your thoughts, but it is wise to remember... Read More

    Shopping In Chattanooga

    By Robin Crump | August 31, 2017

    Shopping has been called America’s national past time. Whether it hearkens back to the days of hunting and gathering or not, there is not denying that we love to shop. Feathering yourself and your nest has become high priority for every income level. For a long time, Chattanooga was a shopping desert and the advent... Read More

    Pitfalls of Pricing Your Home Too High

    By Robin Crump | August 31, 2017

    With the real estate market in Chattanooga experiencing steady growth in the past few years and the lack of homes on the market, is is easy to fall into the trap of overvaluing your home. While everyone wants to make money on their investment, it can be detrimental to start your asking price on your... Read More

    Urban Living With Families

    By Robin Crump | August 31, 2017

    There is a trend in cities in America that is quickly gaining speed. Millennials and those of us who are Generation X’rs who waited to have children, are hesitating to give up our convenient and pedestrian lifestyles (read walking not boring!). What this translates into is many people are choosing to stay in their urban dwellings rather... Read More

    Halloween Terror in Chattanooga

    By Robin Crump | August 31, 2017

    Halloween is the high holiday for millions of Americans. Chattanogans are no exception. Chattanooga offers many opportunities to be scared out of your wits, including one of the top voted haunted attractions in the United States voted top 10 by Rand McNally and number 4 by Buzzfeed. If you like something a little less terrifying we... Read More

    Fall Home Staging

    By Robin Crump | August 31, 2017

    Fall can be a great time to list your home. The market typically slows down in the fall and potential home buyers who are looking are really in the market for a new home, not just looking to see what it out there. Fall home staging give the opportunity to showcase your home with a... Read More

    Summer Camp in Chattanooga

    By Robin Crump | August 30, 2017

    Spring is in the air, daffodils are blooming and it is time to start signing your kids up for summer camp! That’s right! The end of school is in 12 weeks and you don’t want to miss out on finding somewhere for those precious love bugs to spend their days! Chattanooga has a plethora of... Read More